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Connection Agreement

Contractor’s Connection Company is a highly respected company who’s mission of connecting builder needs to top vendors with solutions greatly prioritizes reliable relationships. When you partner with Contractor’s Connection Co. you are expected to comply with the following standards. Failure to do so allows Contractor’s Connection Co. to withdraw the contract.

• No abusive or inappropriate language of any kind.
• No racial, verbal or religious comments to be made by anyone in any manner.
• No use of radios and/or loud music as not to disturb occupants or neighbors.
• No one shall physically abuse or harm any individual who works at or visits the building.
• No stealing.
• No smoking on the property, please go out to the street.
• No one shall possess firearms or explosives while in the building.
• No drinking of alcoholic beverages or taking of controlled substances, before, during or while on site.
• Under no circumstances will any worker be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs during
work hours.
Work hours include lunch, dinner breaks, and time between shifts, when applicable.
• While on-site, the tradespeople are restricted to the construction area, unless permission was
granted by the supervisor.
• All communications must be made in a professional manner.
• Always respond to your project manager as soon as possible, if you cannot talk in that moment,
promptly let them know that you will reply within the hour.
• Always direct questions to the project manager, the home-owner should not be bothered unless
directed by the project manager.

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