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About Us

Connecting builder’s needs with select vendors who have

the solutions!

Contractors Connection Co. connects builder needs to top-of-the-line vendors with the solutions! We work with higher-end new home builders, remodelers, renovation, realtors, and interior design companies with vendor/subcontractors to fill their needs. ⁠

From beginning demo work to flooring and everything in between, we have the help to get your job done the way you want.⁠

We deliver trusted, and experienced vendors/subcontractors around the Twin Cities area. All of whom, you would be proud to work with.⁠

Contact us today, if you are a builder or vendor looking for a connection for your next job.⁠

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Founder Bio

Greg Feda


The man behind the company, meet Greg Feda. Greg has over 1 decade in builder industry, is an active member of NARI & Housing First and has extensive industry knowledge. He prides himself as a philanthropic. Giving back has always been one of his favorite parts of being in the industry and pulling resources together to help those in need is something he's always enjoyed and hopes to continue doing with Contractors Connection Co.




10+ Years in Builder Industry

NARI Member

    2022 Volunteer of the Year 

Housing First Member

Giving back has been a favorite part of the industry

Speaks at middle schools & high schools

Loves to get more youth into the trades

Joining NARI Cares

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